Conversations that secure a future of freedom

Conversations that secure a future of freedom

Conversations that secure a future of freedom

Building Community

The strength of a nation is directly related to the strength of its communities.

Learn how to form communities that galvanize every aspect of their lives that secure and safeguard freedom.

Hear the podcasts

Paul’s thoughts on the economy, local business, entrepreneurialism, self-governance, relationships, resonate with people from all walks of life. Take your pick from a selection of podcasts.

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Areas Of Expertise

Working with some of the nation’s most prominent intellectuals, we are helping communities across the land in gaining self-governance in areas of their lives where assigning the governance to a service corporation hasn’t worked.

We, the people have always been in charge.
Today, we’re simply taking more of it than ever.

Freedom's Sword

Here, we're building a growing co-operative of alternative health facilitators, educators, spiritual guidance, and other subject matter experts. We also hosting regular gatherings (online and offline) to foster quality relationships.

We are focusing on building each other's local businesses, This is how all of us can establish freedom in our communities.

The Free Public

Here, we connect with communities to learn what works and where we can improve.

Ethics Over Fear

The Rule of Law must be restored. Together, working with various international teams, expert witnesses, and 'awake' doctors, we are bringing the truth to the people of Canada and the world with several task forces of patriots

The REAL work

The quality of the nation in which people live is a direct reflection of the quality of the people's consciousness.

This means, the only way we can truly experience freedom in our outer world - [a society completely free of coercion, duress, or any form of force or the threat thereof] - is by doing the work where it matters most.

The inner world.